Elevate Tech Jam Rules and Regulation

All projects must be submitted to Devpost by Sunday, September 22, 2019 at 12:00 PM in order to be considered for a prize

Team Size

Teams will be made up of four to six people, and with six people being the maximum. Team building will occur on the Slack platform, and at the event, so feel free to form teams beforehand. If you cannot find a team up to the day of the event, the organizers would be more than happy to help you find a team to work with. Make sure you sign up with a team on the form, as this will help us with logistics. Please note, that the team sign up form number is NOT your team number. Team numbers will be assigned upon arriving and registering for space. 

Project submission and Judging Process

All project submissions will be done through Devpost. There will be a time slot on Sunday when all projects will be submitted, and all projects must be submitted through at that time slot. Judging for projects submitted will take place in a science fair style in a two tier system. 

Original code

All code that is submitted will have to be original. Any plagiarism of any form will be noted, and if the project is awarded a prize, the prize will be revoked. Please be advised that all code submitted will be checked.

Seating arrangements

All teams will be provided with a seating arrangement, and it will be given on a first come first serve basis. The teams will also be assigned a number, which will be your judging number, food number, as well as mentor call number. For example, if you require assistance from a Fintech mentor, you can message the Fintech mentor channel, ‘Mentor required at table 56’ and a mentor will come to you. 

Data set

All teams participating in challenges, will be given the data sets upon signing up for the challenge. No team will be allowed to use external data sets, or distort the given data in any way. All projects submitted will utilize the same data set and have an even playing field. Please sign up for the challenges via the form, and then you will be added into the Slack channel for the challenge to receive the relevant data sets and challenge resources. 


Prizes will be presented at the awards ceremony at the end of the Tech Jam. Please note that at least one person must be present to pick up the prizes, or prizes can be redeemed with an organizer via email if prize is digital or requires online activation. 

Conflict of Interest

Teams that include Members who work at TD, Interac, Rogers, or Corus Entertainment are not eligible to compete for problem statements driven by their employers.

Overnight at the venue

There will be no overnight accommodation at the venue, hence, all participants will have to find their own accommodation. The venue, Design Exchange will be closing at 10 PM on Saturday, September 21, 2019 and reopen 7 AM on Sunday, September 22, 2019.

Project IP

All projects created will have the creators as original owners. If companies want to use the hacks, they will have to individually approach you. 

Judging Process

Judging process for projects submitted will consist of a two tier system.  

  • Tier 1 - each team will be given a time slot to present a 3 minute pitch to our Tier 1 judges.  From these pitches, the top 3 teams will be selected and the bronze award winners will be announced.
  • Tier 2 will be judged as follows: The top two teams of each problem statement will be invited to present their 3 minute pitch in front of a panel of executive judges and a live audience. After this final round, gold and silver prizes will be awarded.  

Judging Criteria

Tier 1: All judges will follow the same judging criteria, and they will be based off the following categories. Project originality, innovation, technical difficulty, and business value. Each category will be marked out of 10 to a total score of 40. 

Tier 2: Final evaluation will be based on the judges' expertise.

Our hackathon is dedicated to providing a safe and comfortable environment and harassment-free experience for everyone, regardless of the following:

  • gender
  • gender identity and expression
  • age
  • sexual orientation
  • disability
  • physical appearance
  • body size
  • ethnicity
  • nationality
  • religion
  • political views
  • previous hackathon attendance or lack of computing experience or lack of chosen programming language or tech stack

We do not tolerate harassment of hackathon participants in any form. Sexual language and imagery, as well as violent or self harm imagery, are not appropriate at any hackathon venue, this includes the following.

  • hacks
  • talks, presentations, or demos
  • workshops
  • any parties associated to the hackathon
  • social media
  • any other online media

Hackathon participants violating these rules may be sanctioned or expelled from the Tech Jam at the discretion of the hackathon organisers.

The waiver for all participants can be found here.  Text below:


The individual (“Participant”) agreeing to the Elevate Tech Jam terms and conditions which includes this Non-disclosure, Release and Waiver Form (“Form”) has agreed to participate in the Elevate Tech Jam taking place between SEPTEMBER 20-22, 2019 (“Elevate Tech Jam”) organized by Elevate Toronto (Elevate).


  1. STATEMENT OF PURPOSE. Participant agrees to the confidentiality obligations set forth herein in connection with Participant’s participation in Elevate Tech Jam (“Purpose”). 


  1. CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION. Participant understands and agrees that, as part of Participant’s participation in Elevate Tech Jam, Participant may be furnished with or otherwise have access to information, whether disclosed in writing, orally or by other means, that Elevate and its subsidiaries or affiliates consider to be confidential, which may include, but is not limited to, Elevate’s and its subsidiaries’ or affiliates’ database and network, personally identifiable information, customer information, credit card information, business, financial and technical information, developmental and manufacturing processes and procedures, plans, research, existing and future product information, samples, prototypes, test methods, raw material information, chemical compositions, equipment, designs, data, computer programs and software (including source and object code), customer and prospect lists, algorithms, trade names or proposed trade names, ideas, concepts, flow charts, diagrams, devices, inventions, formulae, patterns, vendor information, equipment, reports, forecasts, prices, cost and personnel data, designs, methods, techniques, drawings, trade secrets, processes and know-how, whether tangible or intangible and whether or not stored, compiled or memorialized physically, electronically, graphically or in writing (collectively, the “CI”). 
  2. USE OF AND DUTY TO PROTECT CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION. Participant agrees to use the CI only for the Purpose and to secure, protect and maintain the confidentiality of the CI of Elevate. Participant shall not use CI except as necessary for the Purpose and shall not sell, transfer, publish, disclose, or otherwise use or make available any portion of CI to third parties. Participant’s confidentiality and non-use obligations hereunder shall continue indefinitely. 


  1. ELEVATE TECH JAM PARTICIPATION. Participant agrees to actively participate in the Elevate Tech Jam and Participant understands and acknowledges that his/her participation in the Elevate Tech Jam is completely voluntary. Participant also understands that he/she will not be compensated for participating in the Elevate Tech Jam. 

  2. PHOTOGRAPHS AND VIDEOS. By attending and/or participating in any events organized by or affiliated with Elevate, I agree and consent to being filmed and or photographed, whereas my image, voice, and likeness may be used by Elevate for promotional purposes. I agree that Elevate may collect information about me from a variety of sources, including but not limited to information Elevate collects from me directly when using Elevate’s or affiliated third parties’ services when creating an account, buying tickets, contacting Elevate and affiliated parties, and using Elevate and affiliated parties’ websites, apps and social media. Elevate may share my data as required with event providers as well as other third parties associated with the Festival

  3. GENERAL RELEASE AND WAIVER. Participant, on behalf of himself/herself, his/her personal representatives, heirs, assigns and next-of-kin, hereby releases, waives, forever discharges, indemnifies and covenants not to sue Elevate, its predecessors, subsidiaries and affiliates, together with each of those entities’ respective past and present officers, directors, partners, shareholders, employees, and agents, for any and all loss, damages, claim, demand, action or right of action, arising from or by any reason resulting or to result from participation in the Elevate Tech Jam. 

  4. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY. The right, title and interest in all inventions, discoveries, innovations, improvements, works, data, trade secrets and technical or business information, and all associated patent, copyright and design rights, and all other intellectual property rights therein associated with the Submission, including, without limitation, work products and products not specifically filed as part of the Submission (the “Intellectual Property”), where independently created, authored, or developed by you (or your Team) remains with you (or your Team). 

The Partners shall have an exclusive negotiation period of 3 months (the “Exclusive Negotiation Period”) to negotiate a potential license or assignment of the Intellectual Property from you (and/or your Team) to the Partners. During the Exclusive Negotiation Period, you (and your Team) agree not to negotiate with any third parties relating to the potential license or assignment of any or all of the Intellectual Property.

Upon any agreement to license or assign the Intellectual Property to the Partners, you (and your Team) waive, in favour of the Partners and its designees, all moral rights to any works of authorship from the Tech Jam.

Where the Corporate Partners (“Partners”) will be presenting the Partner’s own technologies or concepts (the “Technology”), the Partners retains ownership rights in any Technology. You or your Team may from time to time provide to the Partners feedback or suggestions regarding the Technology or confidential information of the Partners, which may include suggestions for, or feedback concerning, improvements, modifications, corrections, enhancements, derivatives or extensions, as well as branding ideas (“Feedback”). It is agreed that the Partners shall have a perpetual, royalty free, exclusive, and transferable license to use such Feedback, without any obligation to compensate you or your Team for providing the Feedback. The Partners may develop technology, improvements, modifications, correction, enhancements, derivatives or extensions (“Improvements”), and further may also develop branding elements, based on such Feedback, and such Improvements and branding elements, and any intellectual property rights therein, as well as any related intellectual property registrations, shall be owned exclusively by the Partners.


  1. NO PARTNERSHIP; NO OBLIGATION. Neither Participant’s signing this Form nor Participant’s participation in Elevate Tech Jam shall create a partnership, joint venture, employment or other legal or business relationship between Elevate and Participant; nor does it create or imply any obligation to enter into such a relationship. 

  2. WAIVER. No delay or omission in exercising any right by Elevate hereunder will operate as a waiver of that or any other right. Any such waiver must be in writing. A waiver or consent given on one occasion is effective only in that instance and will not be construed as a bar to or waiver of any right on any other occasion.